What Namibia can Learn about Financial Technology (Fintech): A Theoretical Oveview

Petrus S. Hamukwaya
FirstRand Namibia



The financial industry at the global level is experiencing a rapid adoption of financial technology. Financial Institutions such as commercial banks, Microfinance Institutions, Insurance firms and other Capital houses are therefore substantially investing in fintech which reflect their expectations of future direction in their industries. Financial Institutions are also aware of the risks that Fintech can possibly endanger the financial systems. Central banks and other players in the supervision and regulations of financial industries are actively getting involved to make sound and informed supervisions, regarding the Fintech landscape. This informative article is intended to provide an overview of fintech landscape at a global level and what Namibia can learn from it. The article is further unpacking various challenges and implications that banking systems are facing in the adoption of Fintech. Download the full article