Diane Gaskin - General Manager, Business Support Centre
  • The line up of the speakers were relevant for SMME development.
  • The focus on Africa and the integration of SMMEs from the rest of Africa e.g. the lady from Kenya is a positive integration.
  • The strong relationship between AGI and DTI is postive as this will facilitate relationships with other government trade institutions in the rest of Africa.
  • The case study material is a positive effort as this informs other SMMEs what is going on in the rest of Africa.
  • The participation and involvement of non South African personel e.g. Mr Mumba Kapumba and last year Botswana's involvment is a positive aspect.

Busisiwe Nhlabathi - Managing member, Mabazazi Investments  

I had a life experience with the whole conference,the speakers,the winners!! I am humbled to be part of the whole family.

I have learnt,developed and grown!!




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