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11 March 2009

Africa: IMF - Meltdown Threatens Continent's Economic Successes

Port records sluggish flow of imports and exports in downturn

UK to fund land reform in Uganda

Global growth to fall below zero, IMF warns

Address six issues, Africa tells IMF


25 February 2009

Recession stalks SA as economy shrinks 1,8%

Dana discovers 100 billion cubic feet of gas

Zimbabwe: Summit Could Make or Break Fragile Coalition

Rate cut hopes fade away

Ghana Prepares for Oil Boom


11 February 2009

Africa not immune to global economic crisis

South Africa: Govt Acts to Combat Global Crisis

Africa will miss America’s George Bush

Manuel could hike tax rate for individuals

Eastern Europe starts repaying Africa


27 January 2009

South Africa: Petrol to Rise Again As Rand Weakens

Pick n Pay reads riot act to suppliers over prices

Calls For Resignation of Chief Justice

MDC: Deal claims 'malicious'

Africa: Hillary Clinton Outlines Obama's Africa Policy


4 November 2008

Africa is a glimmer of hope in global doom

Africa should prepare for effects of credit crunch

Western Sahara contests inclusion in EU-Morocco deal

Kenya: An Obama Presidency Brings Hope For Development

Rwanda accedes to UN convention on commercial arbitration


24 September 2008

$100million private equity fund for agribusiness sector

No change in SA investment rating

Ghana leads the way for Metropolitan in Africa

Rwanda: Making African Regional Integration Mean Business

Adding Value to African Peer Review


17 September 2008

The Bank and Literacy Promotion in Africa

Africa: Wall Street Takes World to the Brink of a Crash

Infrastructure ‘vital’ to African export revival

Kenya: Country Tops in Doing Business in East Africa

South Africa: Local Markets Likely to Be in Thrall of Global Trends


10 September 2008

African Union Commission and European Commission launch an ambitious Africa-EU Energy Partnership

Nigeria: AP Assures Good Returns on Investment

Donors commit to making aid predictable and transparent

East Africa: Open Borders Foster Trade Efficiency in EAC Economies

Ghana is at the top of the world's stock-return league table








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